In Mehfil-e-Sama, actually, Qawwali keeps the rank of spiritual diet for Sufis. Only, that person can be relished by its taste, who is truly intoxicated by its real destinations. By means of Qawwali, Sufis, particularly the chain of Chistia propagated Islam. In the Sub-continent, the beginning of Sama is carried out by Hazrat Moin-ud-din Chisti (RA) and he adopted the way of Sama so as to propagate the loving message of Islam in the Sub-continent. In true sense, Sama got peak in the period of Hazarat Khawaja Nizam-ud-din Aulia (RA). Hazrat Amir Khusro (RA), the inventor of Qawwali, invented the Saaz, Raag and Tals of music and selected four boys amongst his students. These four boys were called the first Qawwals of the world.

Anis Arif Nizami Qawwal belongs to one of the Qawwal’s family of these four boys. Anis Arif Nizami, whose ancestors are, Khawaja Buksh Khan Sahib, Shadi Khan Sahib and Murad Khan Sahib were called the unique in the world. Safdar Khan Sahib and Bahadar Khan Sahib have the honor of being the special Qawwals of the Dargah of Hazrat Khawaja Nizam ud-din Aulia. Dildar Khan Sahib was given the Medal in 1911 by the British government for his expertise in his art. In 1958, Farooq Ahmed Nizami was given the title of “Ishq Ragi” along with the Gold Noratan. Farooq Ahmed Khan Nizami was awarded with the title of “Baba-e-Qawwali” in 1976 along with the Gold Medal and Certificate. Raees Khaleeq Farooq Ahmed Khan Nizami is the most Senior Qawwal of Pakistan.

In 1959, Raees Ahmed Khan Nizami was given the title of “Dast-e-Rang Nawaz” along with the Gold Medal. In 1992, Raees Ahmed Nizami was awarded with the title of “University of Qawwali” for his invaluable services. Following the footprints of Raees Ahmed Nizami, his sons Anis Arif Nizami, is busy in propagating the art of Qawwali.

Anis Arif Nizami started Qawwali at the age of seven. He received the education of Qawwali and Classical form his father Raees Ahmed Nizami and uncle Farooq Ahmed Nizami. Anis Arif Nizami established his Qawwal Party under the guidance of his father and uncle. Anis Arif Nizami has full command over ‘Qol’,‘Qalbana’, ‘Naqsh’, ‘Gul’, ‘Khayal’ and ‘Tarana’, the special compositions “bandishain” of Hazrat Amir Khusro (RA), and also have full mastery over the Classical Tals in Qawwali. Anis Arif Nizami has complete expertise in “Arabic”,“Persian”, ”Hindi”, ”Sindhi”, ”Poorbi”, ”Pushto”, ”Urdu”, and “Punjabi” languages. He is attached with many Media Channels. Many recording companies have released his CD’s and VCD’s.

He has received many awards in Qawwali for his continuous services. Their salient feature is that one of their lead singers Arif plays the Dholak and Tabla while he sing for no other Qawwali group has this peculiar style of qawwali. He also represented Pakistan in national and International occasions. Recently, in an International Mystic Music Sufi Festival organized in Islamabad, Lahore and Multan, Anis Arif Nizami performing wonderfully, received the special award 2008 and best performance certificate for his maturity and expertise in his art. In 2008, on the eve of Hazrat Khawaja Nizam ud-din Aulia (RA), Nizami Foundation awarded him with the title of “Tooti-e-Khusro” and Certificate for his long services and sweet voice. In 2007, the Mehfil-e-Sama was organized in “Shab-e-Wajd” under the auspices of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. In this program, he demonstrated his “Arfana Kalam” in his particular way and inflicted the audience in the state of rupture (Wajd) and received applause. In 2007, he had been laid Gold Crown by the Al-Mustafa Committee for his wonderful services.

In 2007, on the eve of the Urs of Meboob-e-Ilahi (RA), Jamia Nizamia awarded him with “Mehboob-e-Ilahi” award. Last year, Anis Arif Nizami made successful tours of Norway, Germany and Dubai and impressed the audience much by his performance. Anis Arif Nizami is struggling untiringly to introduce the important kind Qawwali of the Sub-continent in the whole world.